Residential Storage & Outdoor Container Rentals

Look around your home or apartment. Are you surrounding by clutter? Is it because there just isn’t enough space in your home to accommodate all of the stuff you own? You don’t have to get rid of the things you love to make space thanks to the residential storage rental services from Flexible Warehousing. We offer the perfect selection of indoor room rentals and outdoor container rentals so you can find a space for your less used items while also being able to clean up your clutter.

Too often people end up throwing out items they end up missing later or climbing over piles of things they hardly ever use when they don’t have to do either of these things. Our warehousing company takes great pride in our ability to provide homeowners and tenants with affordable residential storage so they can keep what they love without having to deal with these items as obstacles on the floor.

Indoor Room Rentals for Your Belongings

Do you have items you want to store that are sensitive to humidity and the elements? Then you are going to love the indoor room rentals from our residential warehousing service. Our team provides a high-quality, climate-controlled space that allows you to comfortably store your items without the risk of damaging them. Furthermore, our indoor room rentals are secure to ensure you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing the stuff you need will always be there for you when it is time to use it.

How much does it cost to rent such a nice space? We currently charge by the cubic foot. The minimum amount of space you can rent is 200 cubic-feet at $.50 per cubic-foot. That means you can begin getting plenty of space for your belongings for as low as $100.00 plus tax per month. Looking for even more space? Make sure you contact us for a free estimate to see how affordable it is to store your belongings.

Outdoor Container Rentals for Your Property

Looking to store some items on your own property, but don’t have a shed? Then you could take advantage of our outdoor container rentals. These containers offer you maximum space for your belongings and are perfect for renovations and remodeling projects and other short-term residential storage needs. There are plenty of great uses for our outdoor container rentals and our team looks forward to sitting down and discussing your needs so that the right storage unit can be provided to you.

Contact us to learn more about the different types of residential storage spaces we offer. We even offer free estimates to our residential storage customers so you can find out just how affordable it is to get the storage space you need.