Residential Storage

Are you outgrowing your living space, but aren’t quite ready to move? Are you in the process of moving, but have some time between leaving your old house and moving into your new home? Maybe you are just making some renovations or having some remodeling work performed? No matter the reason, when you are in need of a residential warehousing service to watch after your belongings, SOS/Flexible Warehousing is here to help.

The specialists at our warehousing company provide both short-term household storage as well as long-term residential storage so you don’t have to live in clutter. We even offer a variety of services designed to make your life a lot easier, including:

Household Storage Charges

Household storage charges are based on the total cubic footage of your entire storage lot. We have a minimum of 200 cu.ft. @ $100.00 + tax per month. Our current rate in $.50 per cu.ft. Changes are increased or decreased in multiples of 50 cu.ft.

Your storage charge is based on the actual goods you send to storage regardless of whether you received an estimate or not. If you send more goods, the cost may be more and if you send fewer goods, the cost may be less.