Protective Packing for Safer Moving

Professional packing services are something that everyone moving should take advantage of to improve their overall experience. There is a drastic difference when it comes to amateur packing and packing performed by the team of trained professionals at SOS/Flexible Warehousing. With our packing services, not only will you receive all of the packing supplies you need to secure your belongings, but also a service that cuts down the amount of time it takes to load and off-load the moving truck while ensuring your items are kept safe.

Some of the Packing Supplies that we have available for sale are:

Protective Packing for Safer Moving

  • Small Cartons 1.5 CuFt   (16 x 12.75 x 12.75)
  • Medium Cartons 3.0 CuFt   (18 x 18 x 16)
  • Large Cartons 4.5 CuFt   (24 x 18 x 18)
  • Extra Large Cartons 6.0 CuFt   (24 x 20 x 23)
  • Tote Cartons 2.0 CuFt.   (22.5 x 15 x 12)
  • Record Cartons 1.0 CuFt   (15.5 x 10.5 x 13)
  • Mirror Cartons – Adjustable size
  • Dish Packs 5.2 CuFt   (18 x 18 x 27)
  • Wardrobes 10 CuFt.  (24 x 21 x 26)
  • Packing Paper
  • Tape
  • Small & Large Bubble Wrap

Enhance Your Moving Efficiency

There are two major reasons to use our packing services the next time you move. The first is our ability to reduce the chances of any of your items incurring damages. Our skilled packers and movers have training when it comes to packing dishes, glass items, electronics, glass and marble countertops, mattresses, and everything else in-between. That means they know how to properly secure everything so that nothing becomes damaged during the move.

The second reason to utilize our packing services is our ability to speed up the loading and unloading process. When items are packed the right way it becomes much easier and quicker to move your boxes into or off of the truck. This helps reduce the amount of time and stress that comes with the moving process so you can start putting together your new home or office space instead of dealing with cumbersome boxes.

Packing Up Your Stuff Is a Cinch

How carefully you pack your belongings before a big move is one of the key factors in how safe and secure they are during their journey. If you aren’t packing your items the right way, you could end up opening boxes to find dings, dents, cracks, and other damage that will sour you on the moving experience. Avoid these issues with ease by utilizing the packing services provided by our knowledgeable team of moving specialists.

We know the right way to pack all of your belongings so they properly support each other and don’t move around inside of the boxes during the actual moving process. This helps your items remain looking the same way when you are unpacking as they looked when you first put them in the box. Our team’s helpful packing services also helps save you time so you can get into your new property faster than if you had to spend multiple days packing up your belongings.

Contact us to make sure all of your belongings are securely packed thanks to our professional packing services. We offer packing supplies and services to individuals looking to make sure their items remain safe during a move.