Commercial Warehousing & Inventory Management

Strategically located within close proximity to New York City, Port Newark, Port Elizabeth, Newark Liberty International Airport, and three major interstates, SOS/Flexible Warehousing is the perfect commercial warehousing service for your business. Logistics companies, art galleries, local businesses, and everything in-between can take advantage of our inventory management and order fulfillment services as we expertly care for your excess inventory until you are in need of it again.

Thanks to our month-to-month commercial warehousing service, you are able to grow or shrink the amount of specialized warehousing services you receive from us on demand. This allows us to perfectly fit the needs of growing companies, seasonal and project-oriented businesses, and companies that are simply in need of access warehouse space.

Being able to properly adapt to your individual commercial warehouse service requirements is one of the biggest benefits of working with our team of professionals. With our help, you are able to create a strong professional relationship that will benefit your company by allowing you to control your warehouse costs while still maintaining growth. Speak to our specialists to receive a free estimate for our services.

We have the storage necessary to properly maintain stock, fixtures, and other inventory. That is when you need to turn to the professionals at our commercial warehousing service.

Contact us when you are looking for a commercial warehousing service capable of keeping all of your inventory safe and secure. We are proud to offer free estimates to all of our commercial customers.